28 tips for my 28th - Celebrating My Bday Giving Back to Our Brides

Katelyn & I LOVE birthdays. We LOVE celebrating people and LOVE making people feel LOVED! So for my birthday, I decided to share some LOVE by sharing some tips for your BIG DAY. Hope you enjoy! 

Hire a Wedding Coordinator. Okay, yeah so this is not some plug blog post about why you need a wedding planner, BUT I promise you hiring someone to take care of the coordination tasks is the best tip I can give you. 

Take Your Time. Don't rush the wedding and chose venues and vendors you don't actually want. Take your time and do some soul searching on your dream day expectations.

Do a First Look. Not only will you thank me later, but your photographers will sing my praises. This is such a key tip for couples who want a variety of  detailed shots. It gives you so much room in terms of shot locations and timeline of the day.   

Limit your Pinterest Pins. Don't get Pin happy! It can be overwhelming and set unexpected expectations. 

Prioritize. Having a personalized pen to sign the guestbook hold no weight to remembering to feed your photographer. Make a priority list for the small stuff. 

You can't please everyone. When making any decision for your wedding, say this quietly in your head. No matter what, someone won't be pleased.

Take a moment for yourself. Leading up to the big day, get a facial every month, or on your dream day schedule in time to sit and reflect. You'll need it. 

Be a team. It's just the two of you now. Together, you make decisions and you let your families see that you are running the show. Don't let anything divide you. 

Don't multitask. Focus on one task at a time. This will help you complete one task to its fullest without missing any details. 

Kiss your husband as much as possible. This is a simple reminder of why this day is so important. It helps you stay in the movement. 

Eat! Please eat! Make sure you delegate someone to make sure you get some food. We don't want a "hangry" bride =) 

Hire a Day of Coordinator - Enjoy your day, let someone else do the work. 

Remember the big picture. The rain on your wedding day wasn't planned, but marrying your best friend was. Stay focused on it. It will help with all the last min drama.  

Do some serious vendor shopping. This is to your advantage! DO NOT chose the first vendor you find. Keep shopping and find one that fits YOU. and NEVER hire a planner who is pushing you to choose specific vendors. That may mean they are getting a kick back from them and it might not be whats right for YOU!  

Be creative. Try to stay away from being UNIQUE, and just be creative within your own boundaries. If you aren't a DIY-er, don't do it! Instead, be creative in the food choice, or with the color scheme. Never be a bride you aren't. 

Number your invitations on the back This is fool proof. For those guest that got a little too excited about sending the invite back and FORGOT to put their name on it... not need to fear, you got it covered. 

Set aside time every week. Preset work time is clutch for keeping a social life. If you and your hubby know "that on Sunday evenings we wedding plan".. that gives you time to plan some other much needed fun time! 

Be flexible. The reality is, being flexible is not an option. You must be willing to compromise on somethings and learn to not sweat the small stuff. This trait comes in handy when dealing with family while planning the big day too! 

Focus on the detail when dealing with contracts. Not that you shouldn't trust your vendor, but you must be aware of their expectations! 

Document everything. Taking notes is a must needed skill during this process. A good wedding coordinator will do this for you and summarize all your meetings in an email. =) 

Google Docs! One thing other than happy hour that brings a bride and her planner closer together is the ability to collaborate and share ideas. Google Docs is the answer! Its heaven sent! 

Write Thank You notes as gifts come in. Make a spreadsheet, check them off as they come and do not open a gift unless you have a pen and thank you note ready! Not only will your guests be impressed, you will be stress free. 

Ask for discounts. They exist! The worst they can say is no =) 

Delegate. Give your bridesmaids tasks, give your mother-in-law a job you are a little too preoccupied for. Giving tasks gets people involved and invested in your bid day. People like to be apart of something great! 

Splurge on the open bar, music & a good photographer!  The majority of your guests will have the time of their lives celebrating with you. That's what they remember. Invest in a good photographer to capture those good memories. 

Serve late night snack. These people have been partying all night. They deserve a snack. Trust me, this will be SO appreciated. 

Skip traditions, go with your style.  Sometimes, a bouquet toss just takes away from the party you're having. That's okay girl.. its your day! Do whatever you want! =) 

Planner first, everything else second. - Maybe you like a challenge..? Or like the wedding drama...? NO? I didn't think so... hire a planner before anything else. TRUST ME. This starts things off so smooth.