5 reasons to have a WINTER wedding

In our current obsession with our upcoming January weddings this 2016 we can't help but day dream over the dreamy winter possibilities! Often times brides are put off by the snow and cold temperatures, but we want brides to see that winter weddings are a hidden gem and nothing to be afraid of! 

Weddings in themselves are magical, and by adding the majestic aspects of the winter season, your BIG day is bound to be nothing short of a fairy tale. We have put together 5 reasons why brides can embrace the idea of a WINTER wedding and should consider it as an option for their BIG day. WE. LOVE. WINTER. WEDDINGS.!!!! 


YES PLEASE!!!? A winter wedding calls for a photo shoot to die for. A winter bride is a snow princess in the making.. if this is YOU, we are OBSESSED with you already! (and a little jealous... I mean come on, who doesn't want to be a snow princess!!?) With winter as your back drop, the scene is calm which leaves you and your partner center stage. Just breath taking. Winter shoots tend to photograph more artsy, and creative without even trying too hard! Its a different feel, and we just love it! You should too!!! 


As of right now, WINTER is not a busy season for vendors and venus. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! There will most likely be a lot more availability all around. Not to mention the added bonus of off season prices! One thing commonly overlooked is the amount of weddings vendors and venus have booked in summer months. So as a winter bride, you can be sure that you won't be sharing the spotlight with dozens of other brides on your same day. Like we said, you're a snow princess in every sense of the word ;-) 


Okay, yes.. WINTER is an amazing option for the PERFECT wedding day. But Let's be honest.. after you've been in the freezing cold for a few months, you're ready to get out and see the sun. That's why a WINTER wedding is PERFECT. You get the best of both worlds. Enjoy your artsy, unique, snow princess day... and then zoom off for a long overdue HOT honeymoon vacation directly after. Could you have planned that any better? We think not! 


Any WINTER wardrobe is an excuse to accessorize and get creative! Can you imagine the possibilities on your wedding day!!!?  I mean, come on.. what is not to love about scarfs, hats, mittens, and a faux fur shawl..!!??  By adding these creative touches to your bridal attire, you also add unique personality and "awe factor" to your overall look. Not to mention you will be beyond cozy!! 


The WINTER months are full of love and joy. However, they are also full of stress when it comes to planning for the holidays with family. A WINTER wedding can help your friends and family get back to the basics and serve as a reminder for what the "season" is all about. Aside from holidays and birthdays, wedding are the one time when all the people you love are in one room for a celebration. No matter the season, your guests will always feel the love, however, A WINTER wedding will be very appreciated by friends and family during this holiday crazed time. 

Okay, if that is not enough to convince you of why you should keep the WINTER wedding, artsy snow princess as an option, stay tuned for updates from our January brides.  We are already swooning over whats to come! So inspired and excited. 


Natasha & Katelyn