4 Things to do after you say YES!

Okay, let's be honest...  You've been staring at your new bling of a finger for the past week. It's okay! We get it!!! You can barely peel your eyes away from the sparkle.. this is totes normal. In reality you are just trying to live in the moment and ignore those overwhelming questions you keep hearing since the minute you said Yes!

They sound something like this...                                                                                                          When is the big day?... and When are you planning to have kids? What are your wedding colors?

Are these people serious!!?? You just got engaged. Unfortunately, they are serious..... They want answers. All of which are extremely overwhelming questions that you are not at all prepared to answer.

Let us help you focus on the tasks that really matter after your engagement. Follow these four steps after you say yes to the man of your dreams and shrug off the interrogation for now. =) 

1. Call your parents and close friends! 

Give them the honor of knowing first. This means more to them than you know. Make them feel apart of it from the beginning. Have a bottle of Champagne ready for them when they come visit and see that shiny new rock. A best friend who finds out about your engagement on Facebook is likely to be bitter and not feel important. The unwritten rule when it comes to close friends and family is to make them feel special so they can return the favor and leave the drama at the door. Let the celebrating begin! 

2. Get that diamond insured. NOW!

This is a step that the future groom may have forgot about. Make sure your ring is insured and appraised. Knowing this information can be the first step of productivity in your wedding planning process. 

3. Create a generic response. 

The questions " When is the BIG DAY?" can be overwhelming and a little annoying by the time you actually sit down to decided. Relax, and be generic. Your response should not act as a save the date. Just let your question master know that you have an idea of when it is so they can get off your back. Say things like; 

- "We are planning for October sometime" 

- "It's going to be a winter wedding"

- Or even something as simple as; "2018".

4.  Get a manicure. 

Not only is it a necessity to have perfect nails when showing off your new engagement ring, it is also important for some long overdue pampering. You need this... relax. Take a spa day and soak it all in. This is the time to focus on you and your future partner, before things get crazy. YOU JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!! Love on your human. Because you and that human are about to start planning the first day of the rest of your lives together. You need that manicure ;-)