New Beginnings are for Dreamers

She created the life she wanted to live...

In August 2015, my best friend and I decided to do something that makes us happy. We decided to follow our hearts and our talents and open our own wedding planning + design business.  Here is a glimpse of some photos that share a bit of the new beginning of our journey. 


Everywhere I went, I felt like I was being inspired to take the leap to go into business with Katelyn. 


Dining in Charleston 


Attending a Tahoe wedding was the perfect preface to our business launch.

The girls of Perfectly Planned!! 

One of our January couples; Emily & Michael. 

Photo by: Karime Photography

We seriously LOVE flowers from Whole Foods. Isn't my bestie the cutest?? 


This adorable couple is tying the knot June 2016! 

photo by: Jessica Love

We met some really awesome stationary vendors 


Had to relocate our in home office to a new home. Pics coming soon!  


More time spent with my best friend. Vendor meetings and consultations proved to be just another night out with my bestie! 


Logos and branding are top to-dos on our 2016 goal list. 


Got to attend and design some amazing showers for some of our brides. 


Entered a table top competition with Columbus Bride and Groom 


Drank a lot of champagne 


Reconnected with a childhood friend. She is our first 2016 bride! 

photo by: Ashley West


Practiced a lot of table design throughout the holiday season...

.. a  lot of table design fun!!! 

Added Design packages to our services and booked this adorable couple for next summer! 

photo by: Leslie Pollock 

We started buying things that our brides could use for their weddings and rent from us at a more affordable cost. We hope to really grow our rental inventory in 2016! 

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I am a strong believer in happiness over societal success. I believe that passion is what defines success, not power or dollar signs. I am proud of myself and Katelyn for doing what makes us happy. We cannot wait to share our passion and talents with more couples in 2016!