Event Design

Tea Inspired Bridal Shower for the Future Mrs. Beran

This past Saturday, I officially came out as an event designer!  This is a service that I have been grooming for a long time. If I'm honest, my grandmother, "Granny", groomed me for this at a young age. She was the ultimate designer. She displayed everything from tablescapes to bookshelves with great detail and flawlessness. A table was never complete without the right accessories and detail. Even if we were ordering in KFC, we ate it on fine china under fancy placemats. Design has always been a part of me. 

However, unlike my ability to plan a kickass event, I have been more hesitant to share my design talent with clients. And then I met Rita. =) 

Rita is the owner of one of the best floral and design companies in Columbus; Prema Designs. She is honestly like the sister I never had. We are the SAME human. It's bizarre. People who hang out with us think we've known each other for years.  We met only months ago. Sine we met, I have been interning and soaking in everything she has to offer. (not to mention we both love a good Mojito.. so I've also been drinking a lot of those!) 

So what does Rita and Prema Designs have to do with my new found confidence as an Event Designer? Well, simply put, she is the best teacher. She has taught me so much in the past couple of months.... but the most important thing she taught me is confidence in my design. 

As a result of a great mentor and friend, Perfectly Planned Weddings + Events now offers in-house floral and design!!!!! 

So, last Saturday was the PERFECT opportunity for displaying this new addition to the company. My good friend Lauren is getting married in July. She is by far one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is an amazing listener, awesome happy hour partner and always knows how to make me smile. Whenever I am around Lauren, its a happy time. 

As a result of how amazing Lauren is, lots of people wanted to throw her a shower. I was lucky enough to be apart of a great group of hosts here in Columbus. My Mother-in-Law , Pam and Lauren's Sister-in-Law, Charlotte put our heads together and came up with the perfect concept; A navy and gold tea theme held at New Albany Country Club. 

Here are a few highlights from the shower that I think made it so special: 


Okay, so for those of you that do not know, my Mother-in-Law Pam is he ULTIMATE game-er. No, not video games, but PARTY games. She is known for her ability to bring people together for hours of laughter while playing the role of the party's real live game show host. She is amazing. 

Sadie Baby Sweets

If you're local here in Columbus and you don't know that name, you should! Rachel, the owner of Sadie Baby Sweets is a dream to work with. She brings your event to life with a beautifully displayed table full of handcrafted sweets that look too pretty to eat. Her treats also make for a good favor for guests to take home, so both your guests and their families will be talking about it for weeks to come. 

The Hanging Flower Wall

So, I had a vision... but unfortunately, I don't have the patience with a needle and thread like my Mother-in-Law. So she and Charlotte executed my vision beyond my expectations. I think having the floral wall backdrop was the PERFECT focal point for guests when they walked in the door.  It added dimension and brought in the centerpiece colors to the sweets table. 


The Brides future Mother-in-Law, Marilyn had a great idea to incorporate the fun element of hats to the shower. Such a cute idea. (my hat is not pictured.. I had one I swear!) 

The Bride with her hosts. 

The Bride with her hosts. 

I end the shower recap talking about the photos. Lynn Leitch Photography did an amazing job at getting the detail shots I wanted. She was beyond amazing to work with. I felt very comfortable when she arrived, as she took charge and needed little direction from me. She was PERFECT. The pictures came out bette than I ever dreamed and I got them back within a day! I am very excited to work with Lynn again in the future!! 

Some Thank-Yous

Thank You to the staff at NACC. You were amazing. 

Thank you to my intern Ashlyn. You rocked it. 

Thank You to my Mother-in-Law for you support in this journey. You're my biggest fan. 

Thank You Charlotte for being so easy to collab with. Even if we did start a small kitchen fire. 

Thank You Rita for you guidance on floral design. 

Thank You Lauren for allowing me to be a small party of your wedding planning journey. Love you.