Temi & Ayo

Best. Day. Ever.

I may be biased on this one... but these two sweet souls have a special place in my heart. 

I met Temi one spring evening in a Starbucks coffee shop, we talked forever and I felt like I was talking to next president of the United States. Yet, I felt so connected to her. She is a passionate , strong willed beauty who knew exactly what she wanted out of her wedding celebration... and life for that matter. I felt so honored to even be considered on her big day. 

As we concluded our meeting, I remember thinking; "This woman is going to rule the world one day. I have  to do her wedding." (side note: she's not in politics.. she's a dentist LOL) 

The July celebration was set to be at The Hilton Easton, both ceremony and reception. And we were ecstatic about being a part of it. 

As we began the process of making Temi's dream day come to life.. I fell more and more in love with both them as a couple and with their wedding design. 


I already mentioned how Temi had a vision for her big day. I knew the challenge of accomplishing her specific vision could only be completed by my girl Amrta Kenner over at Prema Designs. And girl.. did she deliver.

The ceremony was to die for. An aisle lined with romantic candles, candlabras,  acrylic columns and huge luxe centerpieces that were out of this world. Honestly, I jumped up and down when I walked into the room set up. I could not believe the size of these things. 


Okay, I may be getting ahead of myself a bit. I failed to mention the other celebration that happened a few days before this one. This was actually their SECOND ceremony / reception. Two days before, Temi and Ayo celebrated with their closest friends and family in a traditional Nigerian ceremony and celebration. 

Another moment of honor, as I was invited to attend this as a guest. I was crying the entire ceremony. It was such an amazing experience.. and luckily Paul Woo with Wandering Woo Photography was there to capture these moments as well. Because honestly, I could share all my emotions and new experiences with you... but these pictures say it all. Paul captured it perfectly... to the point that when we got the pictures back, I was brought back to tears seeing all the emotions caught from the couple ,family, guests and their happiness. 


The part in the ceremony that I lost it was when she was kneeling before her parents. So many traditions, so many emotions. It was unreal. One of the most beautiful child - parent moments I've ever witnessed. I. Was. Sobbing. 

Am I right? You're crying too aren't you? 

This epic evening held place at The Ohio State House, where Sophie Chase their venue coordinator handled all the fine details of the event. 


Okay, so back to The Hilton Easton. Their ceremony kicked off with a surprise from the groom; a special guest. The bride had no idea that the famous Kevin Olusola from Pentatonix was there to surprise her by playing live at the ceremony. In fact, right before I opened the doors to the ceremony, the bride looked at me confused like; "what is this song? who is playing this?" It was all I could do to keep a straight face. 


The rest of the evening seemed like a blur of infinate happiness. So many smiles, so much dancing and lots of happy tears. The party went well past 1:00 am .. no one wanted to leave. That is a sign of a great party! 

Rather than ranting on about my experience and excitement about this day.. I'm just going to let Paul Woo tell the story in pictures below. You'll understand. 


One of the most epic moments of the evening was the room reveal. She was so happy. I am so thankful for for Prema Designs for creating the brides visions, and even more grateful to Paul Woo for capturing the reaction when she first saw it. 


I revert back to my first point of this blog post. 

Best. Day. Ever. 


Venue: The Hilton Easton

Floral Designer: Prema Designs 

Photographer: Wandering Woo Photography

Videography: Jonah Epps Video

Dress: Hayley Paige

Planning / Coordination : Perfectly Planned Weddings