We've Got An Extra Set of Hands!

Happy Friday Everyone!

We wanted to share with you the beginning of an exciting new stage to Perfectly Planned! Meet Kate! She is our newest assistant and we could not be more excited about all the great things she is bringing with her! She has an impressive background in planning and events while at the same time she has the most adorable personality that we just fell in love with! 

Kate will be joining the team remotely from Ashland University. She will be working hand in hand with me (Natasha) to gear up for our upcoming... and busy... wedding season! We are SO happy to have Kate on board for this season! Be on the lookout for some blogs from Kate herself and if you reach out to us asking about our services, Kate may very well be the one who responds! 

We have asked Kate a few questions so that our couples and future couples can get to know and adore her as much as we do! =) 

Meet Kate! 


Q: What were you doing before you decided to come aboard Perfectly Planned? 

I was taking classes for the spring semester of my junior year. I am a double major in hospitality management entrepreneurship. I am learning so many practical and real-world concepts in my courses this semester. I can't wait to learn more throughout the summer with Perfectly Planned! 


Q: Why weddings? 

I have adored weddings since I can remember.  It wasn't until I was in my freshman year of college that I realized I needed to make a career out of it. I am so blessed to have found a career that aligns with my passion. 


Q: Tell us about YOUR dream wedding? 

My dream wedding is filled with floral and natural elements. I love a clean color palette filled with whites and grays with splashes of colors of blues and greens. I feel most at home at the beach so a destination wedding is a must! There are so many gorgeous decor concepts out there and it truly allows you to be creative and make your wedding your own!


Q What are you most excited about with this opportunity at Perfectly Planned? 

I am so excited to dive into all of the aspects of wedding planning and truly get super familiar and comfortable with the processes. I am excited to get to know the staff and craft beautifully unique weddings for amazing couples. 


Q: Two truths and a lie. GO! 

  1. My university has the best dining hall in the country.
  2. I studied abroad in Germany my sophomore year. 
  3. I came into college with over 30 credits I earned during high school.