3 Ways I'm "Extra"

Photo by Ashley West Photography 

Photo by Ashley West Photography 

Life has never been easy or simple for me. I am assuming the rest of you can relate!? Life is not easy OR simple...for ANYONE. However, embracing that chaos in life is something that I have always outwardly PERFECTED. (good or bad? you choose) 

But since the age of 10, the people around me considered me EXTRA. So when this new trendy adjective took wind I finally felt like someone understood me! Yes! I am EXTRA... finally a name that I can relate to! 

I want to make sure all the other EXTRA girls in the world continue to embrace this title.. they wear it proud and claim their "extraness" as a badge of honor. This new trendy title is not something to be ashamed of. I'm not! 

Recently, I attended the Wedding MBA is Las Vegas. My week was full of listening to inspiring entrepreneurs talk about growing my wedding business and following my dream. However, one thing that I did not expect to take away from this epic week was the encouragement to be weird. Embracing your weird. That was the title of this lecture that got me thinking..... " I am different. I am not your average wedding planner or designer. I am more. I am EXTRA. And let me tell you dear client... this is GOOD for you! 

There are so many examples I could give you in my everyday life of me being EXTRA...

  • like when a cute dog comes on TV and its not enough to cry to myself. I have to facetime my bestie to explain the dogs cuteness. Extra
  • Or like when my friends tell me they're coming over real quick to hang out.. and I put out a full cheese display, turn on spotify, light candles and make sure my brows are filled in in case we take snapchats. Extra. 
  • And lastly, every time I drive with someone in my car and BARELY tap the breaks... I mom arm them so hard. Extra. 

But this quality has its perks. Especially in my industry. And especially for my clients. So here are three reasons I am EXTRA and you should be so excited about it. 

1. I Do The Most 

This is all good for you. My team and I go above and beyond to make sure your dream wedding is achieved.

One time this actually involved the bride having zero clue the best man had lost the rings. Don't worry, we did the most. I knew the jeweler the couple used. So I called them, asked if we could use a spare ( from the display.. not the real deal), sent my assistant to go get them, sent the other assistants to do some detective work in the best man's hotel room. Where they were found in the trash can with tissues (ew!) from rehearsal! 10 mins before walking down the aisle.. we had not only ONE but TWO sets of wedding rings! Extra. 

2. You're My Client And I Will Fight For You

From negotiating contracts to make sure your skinny tall latte is in fact a skinny tall latte, I got your back! Since I am extra, I also get extra invested in my clients. I want them to feel how much they mean to me and my team. So treating you like you deserve the world is a part just a part of what I do. Extra. #sorrynotsorry 

3. I Have The Extra Knowledge 

I recently had a bride who booked TWO bagpipers for her wedding exit. Bagpipers are a GREAT and UNIQUE idea, but TWO in this small space was going to be too loud! I was able to save her $400 by reassuring her that one was sufficient. We were able to use that money to be a teeny bit extra and bought a cartoon canvas of the couple and their dog! Yass! Extra. 



In conclusion ... 

Being Extra used to be something I didn't embrace. Being in this industry though, I am able to use it to my advantage. I DESIGN extra, I COMMUNICATE extra and GIVE you the ROYAL extra treatment like you deserve. 

And just for fun... 

A a list of some other things that make me EXTRA: 

  • I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. everyday on repeat while im working on your wedding. I can litterally recite almost every episode if prompted. 
  • If you have a dog or a child, I will go out of my way to make sure I meet it and it loves me. 
  • Flying is not my thing. I would recommend never sitting next to me on a plane. Very extra. 
  • When I have a dinner party with friends... Obviously, I recruit a photographer, florist and make a theme for the evening. Here are come pics from my Boho inspired dinner party with my girlfriends. Just a Casual Wine Down Wednesday.

Photos by Ashley West Photography