Courtney + Winley: A Garden Baby Shower // Columbus, Ohio // Stump

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to co-host a shower with some of my good girlfriends, for one of my favorite girls.

Courtney, my girl, is one of my best friends. Since high school, she and I have had a deep connection unlike any other friendship. When I try to describe Courtney,  I get choked up.... Does anyone have that one friend who you truly believes deserves the WORLD? She is that friend for me.

 Courtney is such a good soul and she is always giving to others. She is the epitome of the saying "I've got your back", and is one of the most loyal humans I have ever met. She is honest, and sometimes her "come to Jesus" talks are not the easiest to hear... but somehow she makes you feel inspired by the flaw she points out. She truly inspires me to be a better me. I love you Court. 

So my Court, is having a baby girl! =) Winley will be here in a few short weeks. (I get goosebumps as I type this). I am SO happy for you Courtney.

All of the qualities I mentioned above, do not even touch the surface of how maternal she is. She's always been that way. She would be the one girl at the house party, drink in hand, cleaning up after everyone. She is the one person you tell when you're not feeling well, and then she prescribes 10 different remedies to try... and she checks on you hours later to see if you listened to her or not. When she comes over to your house, she straightens up without even noticing, or she gets in your car and wipes the dust off your dashboard. It's almost comical.... She unconsciously "straightens" my life up, not because she likes to point out my flaws, but because she's a lover. And she is going to be the BEST LOVER to Winley. 

My girlfriend Amber was the "hostess with the mostest" for this epic shower. She picked an amazing location in downtown Columbus. A cute little plant shop called Stump Columbus. I was lucky enough to style the event with flowers and candles and some cute detail touches. But if I am honest this place gave me a lot to work it.. it is adorable!!!! My good friend Ashley was there to capture the moments and brought a bomb mac and cheese, while my other friend Ashley and I  put our Type A personalities together and made a plan to execute this evening for your special girl. 

We were all honored to do this for Courtney. She is an amazing friend to all of us. Winley is so LOVED by all of her Aunties already. 

Enjoy these photos from Ashley West Photography and seriously consider STUMP for you next small event!