What a fun and relaxing weekend with friends! Last Thursday Katelyn and I left with three other friends to celebrate her last few weeks as a single woman! We headed down to Miami Beach, where we stayed at the Deauville Beach Resort  . 

If you have never been to Miami, you must experience it once. The moment you get off the plane, you feel like you are in another country. I describe Miami as a melting pot. Everyone you meet comes from a different background. It is unlike any other place I've been too. There is so much energy, and the party never stops. 

Being the planner I am, I made an itinerary for the weekend. Some of these things included; Nights at The Clevelander, Mimosas at The Palace, Soaking in rays at the beach and the necessary scheduled nap time. We had a nice dinner at The Bird Yard one night and experienced Española Way to its fullest=) Honestly, I could have made a never ending list of events, because there is SO much to do! The city never sleeps and the sun never stops shining. 

Some of the things we all enjoyed doing were : 

Katelyn- The Beach Day 

Jenna - Girl time on the beach & our impromptu night out 

Christina - Laying on the beach 

Sarah - It was all my favorite. Señor Frogs was a blast 

Natasha - Day drinking on the beach and seeing Jesse the bartender 

The overall response: hanging out with your girls, drinking Mojiots on the beach all in the name of love. =)  

If I'm being honest, it was seriously one of the most enjoyable girls trips I've ever been on!!!  Yes, Miami was a great city to host this bride to be, but it was the people that made the trip to great. Katelyn is one of the most easy going and eclectic people I know. She lives life with her heart and not her head. She is anything but high maintenance, but still appreciates the finer things in life. Each girl she is BFFs with is so different. This is such a HUGE representation of Katelyn. Personally, Katelyn brings out such a good part of me. On this trip, I could see how she does that with every single one of her girlfriends. 

If I could give you four pieces of advice to having a Successful Bachelorette Party, this is what I would say: 

1. Pick a city that fits the bride. 

Miami was perfect for Katelyn, she loves to dance and party.. but in moderation. The other times she likes to lay low and be with friends. We had one big night out, the rest was spent by the pool or the beach laughing it up. 

2. Get rooms next to each other (if staying in a hotel) 

Honestly, this made such a BIG difference. Instead of part of the group feeling isolated because they were on a different floor/room, we were all together. We had a conjoining room and it was perfect. If was an early morning wake-up call, cozy night watching Hunger Games, we got to do it together! I was perfect and made us that much closer!  

3. Make the Bride Feel Special

Let's be honest, it is her special weekend. The only one she will ever get. Put some personal touches on it. Christina ordered cute tanks for us to wear, we decorated her room for our big night out. We played games, coordinated outfits and treated her to meals. This was easy for us.. because Katelyn truly does deserve to feel special. She's always so good at doing that for others. 

4. Have a PLAN! 

Okay, I am bias ... I am a PLANNER in every sense of the word. But seriously, make a plan. Sarah made reservations at The Bird yard, which turned out to be our best dinner. I had an itinerary (and yes I scheduled nap time). If you have  a plan, it is easy to go off of it and thats okay! Its harder to have no plan and wing it. Becuase I am so dedicated to sharing my love for planning, click here to see the Travel Template I made for our trip. =) 

Here are some pics from our trip. To see more Instagram the hashtag #latenightCapp 

cheers Miami here we come! 

cheers Miami here we come! 

The Bride <3 

The Bride <3 

Best Friends and Business Partners&nbsp;

Best Friends and Business Partners 



- Natasha