Molly + Tommy 06.04.16

We met Molly and Tommy last July and instantly fell in love with their sweetness. The initial consultation took place at House Beer, the place Tommy proposed to Molly months prior. Tommy and Molly met in Law School and one of their first dates involved a food tour around Columbus. So in true romantic fashion, on the day of their engagement, Tommy took Molly on another food tour of the city. He then suggested they grab beers at one of their favorite bars in the Short North, House Beer. However, when they got there the doors were locked. And a sign read; "Closed for a very special occasion". Molly suggested to go elsewhere, but magically the doors unlocked and inside was a perfectly arranged proposal. The first thing Molly saw were the words "Will You Marry Me?" on beer bottles inside. Their families were around the corner waiting to embrace the newly engaged couple. Molly said yes. But Tommy wasn't finished, he then told Molly he had arranged for a nice dinner at Curio in German Village for them and their families to celebrate. Once they got there, they were greeted with hugs from all their closest family and friends. BRAVO Tommy. 

It is no surprise that both Katelyn and I were teary eyed hearing this proposal story. In fact, I am welling up right now as I type! After hearing the prosal story, we were instantly connected to them. Their love for one another is contagious. 

We were beyond excited when the sweetest couple known to man called us just days later with confirmation that they want to use Perfectly Planned Weddings for Day of Coordination on their BIG DAY. 

And so, the planning began. 

Check out this video from the epic proposal! 


Three reasons we LOVE Molly + Tommy: 

1. Type A Personalities

Personally, my attachment for this couple is far deeper than how stinking cute they are. Molly and Tommy are two of the most organized people I know! To be honest, I feel like Molly may get more satisfaction from checking off To-Do list items than I do!!! And that is saying a lot. She is a wedding planners dream. 

2. CEO - like

Molly and Tommy could seriously run major companies. They exemplify how major CEO's operate. They trust us, they remind us of that constantly and it is so amazing to hear. They compliment us, cherish what we do while at the same time they let us do our job. They truly have an inner CEO in them. They are so kind, and the way they treat other people makes them even more lovable. On the flipside, they are very straight to the point people. They have realistic expectations and as a response to how amazing they are we would do anything to exceed them. =) 

Vote Jeffcott for President! 

3. It's All About LOVE

Unfortunately, in some of the planning processes I've seen, the couple loses sight of what all the fuss is about. Not Molly and Tommy. They know exactly why they are having a BIG party! They LOVE each other and the wedding is going to be about them... Its all about their relationship. I truly respect the way in which they focused their wedding around that four-letter word: LOVE

So the time has finally come. This Saturday two of our favorite people will tie the Knot at Saint Francis Assisi and get their party on at The Greek Orthodox shortly after. Without giving too much away, we just want to say a couple of things we are really looking forward to: 

1. Flowers. Mary at Rose Bredl is going to rock it with her floral design. 
2. Dancing all night. The Company Band is ready to party and so are we! ( The bride insisted we have at least one glass of champs!) 
3. Father Daughter Dance. Just in the few times I've spoken with the FOB, I have grown to adore him. Seeing these two amazing people share this moment will call for some serious tissue usage. Just saying. 

We are overwhelmed with excitement for this weekend. It is rare to get to know a Day of Coordination Bride and Groom like we got to know Molly + Tommy. I am so thankful for the relationships we build with this job. Especially for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Jeffcott! 

- Natasha