Mondays, Moons & Weddings

The first official week of February....we officially survived January!! It couldn’t have just been me who felt the Mondays of last month were everlasting into the New Year, but I’m not complaining! I saw someone post rather than regret, be grateful for the additional time to reflect, reassess and redirect.

I’m not one for new year resolutions, but I’ve certainly been doing the latter these last few days. Maybe it’s the energy in the air due to the Super Blue Blood Moon last week. Maybe it’s the excitement still bubbling over from completing our first wedding of the year (yay!) and our very first Styled Series (double yay!!) seminar and photoshoot.


I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m rolling with the tide and refocusing for February as we round out January and kick off the month with two lovely brides. Wedding season is making an early guest appearance at Perfectly Planned…love doesn’t wait so why should we!


“You don’t need to be the tide to rise and fall, 
you don’t have to be a wave to touch the shore; 
just be a little sand-grain and feel them all” 
Munia Khan

Wandering Woo Photography

Wandering Woo Photography

Hailey Lauren Photography Treats by Sommer's Cookie Co. yum!!! *hums These are one of my favoriteeee things*

Hailey Lauren Photography

Treats by Sommer's Cookie Co. yum!!! *hums These are one of my favoriteeee things*

The Other Side of the Aisle

Everyone is seated, the organ is blaring beautiful ceremonial music, my smiling family members litter the crowd, and I’m frickin freaking out because I’ve forgotten where I am for a moment and am momentarily convinced that there’s no way the bride, my cousin, will know when to walk down the aisle if I’m not there to cue her. She will wait behind the curtain forever, not knowing the proper time to step out onto the aisle, and we’ll all be waiting here forever in wedding purgatory aka the literal nightmare of a wedding planner.

Events, especially weddings, are living things. They need to have certain things to survive and , most importantly, thrive. The purpose of the event should be accomplished, like a marriage at a wedding or a dinner at a dinner party. The guests should both understand what to anticipate and also be happily surprised by fun quirks and unique touches. Guests know a marriage is going to take place, but do they know that there will be animals at the ceremony? (A trend I’m in full support of, by the way). Finally, the guests should feel how the event is supposed to make them feel. A fundraiser should inspire compassion and generosity, a dinner party should be conversational and effortless, and a wedding should be a reminder of love in every sense. The love of the couple, the love of their friends and family, and the love of having a good time and whipping out dance moves you probably shouldn’t.

This is why I wanted to become a wedding planner. I like making things look perfect, being creative, working with other awesome creative people, and making an atmosphere that can remind people of the best things in life in beautiful and unique ways. However, I am also an incurable control freak. This can be good! I like the responsibility of making sure something goes perfectly (possibly why I was attracted to working for Perfectly Planned…). However, this can also be bad. Like when you’re asked to be a bridesmaid in your cousin’s wedding and you have to resist the urge to take literally everything over. Even when everything is (without me???) running smoothly, looking beautiful, and well-organized, I want to take charge and whip out some Aisle Planner magic because that’s who I am and that’s what I do.

My cousin, Grace, planned her own wedding and I have to say, she kicked some serious butt. Bad weddings are all too common. Weird color schemes, long wait times for guests, bad food, no flow, awkward DJs, and a whole slew of other little things that can make guests say “yikes”. These weddings don’t usually involve a planner because it’s our job to have good taste, advice, recommendations, and to run eventually run the show so that everyone there can just be present in the moment. Grace is one of those brides that did pretty much everything and managed to avoid all of the above. Grace told me after the wedding that she wished she could have had someone to delegate the nitty-gritty-not-so-fun parts of planning, but was happy that she could make everything exactly as she wanted it.

The ceremony took place at King Avenue Methodist, the family’s church for years. My aunt and uncle, her parents, had their wedding there. The color scheme geniously fit in with the Scottish heritage of both families as well as the colors of the church. Burgundy, taupe, navy blue, blush, emerald green, and silver accents (which is quite the color scheme) were woven together perfectly. Everything was perfect, beautiful, well-organized, frickin classy, and the reception was a huge party where even my grandma got down and diggity.  I asked her what her favorite moment was and she told me this,

“I think the whole day was my favorite but if I had to pick one moment, it would be on the dance floor during one of the slower numbers near the end of the night. I just looked around at all of my favorite people on the same dance floor- smiling and talking and dance and drinking and having a great time. It was the reason for the whole day.”

From a planner’s perspective, these moments are what we live for. Color schemes, vendors, budgeting, etc. are what we’re great at, but helping to create these moments is why we do it in the first place.

xoxo Hannah

Arielle + Sebastian Coming August 2018


Yup, you read that right. This cute couple comes accompanied with a fairytale namesake; Arielle & Sebastian. How ridiculously adorable! 

We are just over here cuddled up with our coffee on this rainy day gawking over these amazing images from Anna Markley Photography. This sweet engagement session is exactly what we needed to warm our souls this morning. 

After meeting with Arielle over a Starbucks, I instantly knew she was destined to be a PPW bride. First of all. She is getting married at one of our favorite venues to work at; Highline Car House. Her style is simple and chic. She must have mentioned the word 'simple' 15 times during out initial meeting. I was impressed. This girl knows what she wants... and she wants her wedding to be about LOVE. She wants the beauty of such a unique venue to shine through, she wants her guests to be in love with her love story as much as she is. Trust me. They will be. These two are just that perfect. 


These two live in the Bay area. So I do not get to see them that much. But I wanted to share a few things I love about them. 



They are completely obsessed with their dog, and it makes me more obsessed with them! 


We all know I love a #girlboss. Arielle is a strong and confident soul with a career and endless motivation. She has an amazing #girlboss personality and I was immediately attracted to that. 


My first time ever meeting Sebastian was an early morning floral consultation after the had both just got off a flight from Cali. Not exactly what a groom to be wants to be doing before he even has had his coffee. But I have to be honest, despite the fact we were talking about flowers, he was pretty excited about it. And by excited, I mean every time that Arielle smiled, laughed or got excited about an idea.. he'd look at her and smiled. A very interested, adoring smile. 


See pic below. No further description needed. 


Told you. 


Now enjoy some of the amazing images from Anna Markley Photography while we get to planning for these badass babes. 



We've Got An Extra Set of Hands!

Happy Friday Everyone!

We wanted to share with you the beginning of an exciting new stage to Perfectly Planned! Meet Kate! She is our newest assistant and we could not be more excited about all the great things she is bringing with her! She has an impressive background in planning and events while at the same time she has the most adorable personality that we just fell in love with! 

Kate will be joining the team remotely from Ashland University. She will be working hand in hand with me (Natasha) to gear up for our upcoming... and busy... wedding season! We are SO happy to have Kate on board for this season! Be on the lookout for some blogs from Kate herself and if you reach out to us asking about our services, Kate may very well be the one who responds! 

We have asked Kate a few questions so that our couples and future couples can get to know and adore her as much as we do! =) 

Meet Kate! 


Q: What were you doing before you decided to come aboard Perfectly Planned? 

I was taking classes for the spring semester of my junior year. I am a double major in hospitality management entrepreneurship. I am learning so many practical and real-world concepts in my courses this semester. I can't wait to learn more throughout the summer with Perfectly Planned! 


Q: Why weddings? 

I have adored weddings since I can remember.  It wasn't until I was in my freshman year of college that I realized I needed to make a career out of it. I am so blessed to have found a career that aligns with my passion. 


Q: Tell us about YOUR dream wedding? 

My dream wedding is filled with floral and natural elements. I love a clean color palette filled with whites and grays with splashes of colors of blues and greens. I feel most at home at the beach so a destination wedding is a must! There are so many gorgeous decor concepts out there and it truly allows you to be creative and make your wedding your own!


Q What are you most excited about with this opportunity at Perfectly Planned? 

I am so excited to dive into all of the aspects of wedding planning and truly get super familiar and comfortable with the processes. I am excited to get to know the staff and craft beautifully unique weddings for amazing couples. 


Q: Two truths and a lie. GO! 

  1. My university has the best dining hall in the country.
  2. I studied abroad in Germany my sophomore year. 
  3. I came into college with over 30 credits I earned during high school.

Courtney + Winley: A Garden Baby Shower // Columbus, Ohio // Stump

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to co-host a shower with some of my good girlfriends, for one of my favorite girls.

Courtney, my girl, is one of my best friends. Since high school, she and I have had a deep connection unlike any other friendship. When I try to describe Courtney,  I get choked up.... Does anyone have that one friend who you truly believes deserves the WORLD? She is that friend for me.

 Courtney is such a good soul and she is always giving to others. She is the epitome of the saying "I've got your back", and is one of the most loyal humans I have ever met. She is honest, and sometimes her "come to Jesus" talks are not the easiest to hear... but somehow she makes you feel inspired by the flaw she points out. She truly inspires me to be a better me. I love you Court. 

So my Court, is having a baby girl! =) Winley will be here in a few short weeks. (I get goosebumps as I type this). I am SO happy for you Courtney.

All of the qualities I mentioned above, do not even touch the surface of how maternal she is. She's always been that way. She would be the one girl at the house party, drink in hand, cleaning up after everyone. She is the one person you tell when you're not feeling well, and then she prescribes 10 different remedies to try... and she checks on you hours later to see if you listened to her or not. When she comes over to your house, she straightens up without even noticing, or she gets in your car and wipes the dust off your dashboard. It's almost comical.... She unconsciously "straightens" my life up, not because she likes to point out my flaws, but because she's a lover. And she is going to be the BEST LOVER to Winley. 

My girlfriend Amber was the "hostess with the mostest" for this epic shower. She picked an amazing location in downtown Columbus. A cute little plant shop called Stump Columbus. I was lucky enough to style the event with flowers and candles and some cute detail touches. But if I am honest this place gave me a lot to work it.. it is adorable!!!! My good friend Ashley was there to capture the moments and brought a bomb mac and cheese, while my other friend Ashley and I  put our Type A personalities together and made a plan to execute this evening for your special girl. 

We were all honored to do this for Courtney. She is an amazing friend to all of us. Winley is so LOVED by all of her Aunties already. 

Enjoy these photos from Ashley West Photography and seriously consider STUMP for you next small event! 

Tea Inspired Bridal Shower for the Future Mrs. Beran

This past Saturday, I officially came out as an event designer!  This is a service that I have been grooming for a long time. If I'm honest, my grandmother, "Granny", groomed me for this at a young age. She was the ultimate designer. She displayed everything from tablescapes to bookshelves with great detail and flawlessness. A table was never complete without the right accessories and detail. Even if we were ordering in KFC, we ate it on fine china under fancy placemats. Design has always been a part of me. 

However, unlike my ability to plan a kickass event, I have been more hesitant to share my design talent with clients. And then I met Rita. =) 

Rita is the owner of one of the best floral and design companies in Columbus; Prema Designs. She is honestly like the sister I never had. We are the SAME human. It's bizarre. People who hang out with us think we've known each other for years.  We met only months ago. Sine we met, I have been interning and soaking in everything she has to offer. (not to mention we both love a good Mojito.. so I've also been drinking a lot of those!) 

So what does Rita and Prema Designs have to do with my new found confidence as an Event Designer? Well, simply put, she is the best teacher. She has taught me so much in the past couple of months.... but the most important thing she taught me is confidence in my design. 

As a result of a great mentor and friend, Perfectly Planned Weddings + Events now offers in-house floral and design!!!!! 

So, last Saturday was the PERFECT opportunity for displaying this new addition to the company. My good friend Lauren is getting married in July. She is by far one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is an amazing listener, awesome happy hour partner and always knows how to make me smile. Whenever I am around Lauren, its a happy time. 

As a result of how amazing Lauren is, lots of people wanted to throw her a shower. I was lucky enough to be apart of a great group of hosts here in Columbus. My Mother-in-Law , Pam and Lauren's Sister-in-Law, Charlotte put our heads together and came up with the perfect concept; A navy and gold tea theme held at New Albany Country Club. 

Here are a few highlights from the shower that I think made it so special: 


Okay, so for those of you that do not know, my Mother-in-Law Pam is he ULTIMATE game-er. No, not video games, but PARTY games. She is known for her ability to bring people together for hours of laughter while playing the role of the party's real live game show host. She is amazing. 

Sadie Baby Sweets

If you're local here in Columbus and you don't know that name, you should! Rachel, the owner of Sadie Baby Sweets is a dream to work with. She brings your event to life with a beautifully displayed table full of handcrafted sweets that look too pretty to eat. Her treats also make for a good favor for guests to take home, so both your guests and their families will be talking about it for weeks to come. 

The Hanging Flower Wall

So, I had a vision... but unfortunately, I don't have the patience with a needle and thread like my Mother-in-Law. So she and Charlotte executed my vision beyond my expectations. I think having the floral wall backdrop was the PERFECT focal point for guests when they walked in the door.  It added dimension and brought in the centerpiece colors to the sweets table. 


The Brides future Mother-in-Law, Marilyn had a great idea to incorporate the fun element of hats to the shower. Such a cute idea. (my hat is not pictured.. I had one I swear!) 

The Bride with her hosts. 

The Bride with her hosts. 

I end the shower recap talking about the photos. Lynn Leitch Photography did an amazing job at getting the detail shots I wanted. She was beyond amazing to work with. I felt very comfortable when she arrived, as she took charge and needed little direction from me. She was PERFECT. The pictures came out bette than I ever dreamed and I got them back within a day! I am very excited to work with Lynn again in the future!! 

Some Thank-Yous

Thank You to the staff at NACC. You were amazing. 

Thank you to my intern Ashlyn. You rocked it. 

Thank You to my Mother-in-Law for you support in this journey. You're my biggest fan. 

Thank You Charlotte for being so easy to collab with. Even if we did start a small kitchen fire. 

Thank You Rita for you guidance on floral design. 

Thank You Lauren for allowing me to be a small party of your wedding planning journey. Love you. 


Happy Anniversary Natasha + Adam

Yes, this is a shameless plug to share the memories of my own wedding day. I mean can you blame me?! Wedding planners are brides too! 

Today is my 2nd anniversary! And when I say that my wedding day was the best day of my life, I am not being cheesy. I never imagined how truly magical it would be. 

I want to share with all the brides out there a couple of things that made is special for me. 

1. The FIRST LOOK photo

Okay, I can't take all the credit... Pinterest inspired me. Huge Champagne and Ivory balloons were seen just before I released them for the reveal of my future husband. 

2. The Band - The Conspiracy Band- Sutton Entertainment

They were everything. No better band in Columbus. ( I'm partial! ha.) 

3. The Late Night Bite 

Courtesy of White Castle =) 

The coolest part is that I wouldn't change on thing! It was a perfect night for us. 

Happy Anniversary Babe! 

- Natasha 

Molly + Tommy 06.04.16

We met Molly and Tommy last July and instantly fell in love with their sweetness. The initial consultation took place at House Beer, the place Tommy proposed to Molly months prior. Tommy and Molly met in Law School and one of their first dates involved a food tour around Columbus. So in true romantic fashion, on the day of their engagement, Tommy took Molly on another food tour of the city. He then suggested they grab beers at one of their favorite bars in the Short North, House Beer. However, when they got there the doors were locked. And a sign read; "Closed for a very special occasion". Molly suggested to go elsewhere, but magically the doors unlocked and inside was a perfectly arranged proposal. The first thing Molly saw were the words "Will You Marry Me?" on beer bottles inside. Their families were around the corner waiting to embrace the newly engaged couple. Molly said yes. But Tommy wasn't finished, he then told Molly he had arranged for a nice dinner at Curio in German Village for them and their families to celebrate. Once they got there, they were greeted with hugs from all their closest family and friends. BRAVO Tommy. 

It is no surprise that both Katelyn and I were teary eyed hearing this proposal story. In fact, I am welling up right now as I type! After hearing the prosal story, we were instantly connected to them. Their love for one another is contagious. 

We were beyond excited when the sweetest couple known to man called us just days later with confirmation that they want to use Perfectly Planned Weddings for Day of Coordination on their BIG DAY. 

And so, the planning began. 

Check out this video from the epic proposal! 


Three reasons we LOVE Molly + Tommy: 

1. Type A Personalities

Personally, my attachment for this couple is far deeper than how stinking cute they are. Molly and Tommy are two of the most organized people I know! To be honest, I feel like Molly may get more satisfaction from checking off To-Do list items than I do!!! And that is saying a lot. She is a wedding planners dream. 

2. CEO - like

Molly and Tommy could seriously run major companies. They exemplify how major CEO's operate. They trust us, they remind us of that constantly and it is so amazing to hear. They compliment us, cherish what we do while at the same time they let us do our job. They truly have an inner CEO in them. They are so kind, and the way they treat other people makes them even more lovable. On the flipside, they are very straight to the point people. They have realistic expectations and as a response to how amazing they are we would do anything to exceed them. =) 

Vote Jeffcott for President! 

3. It's All About LOVE

Unfortunately, in some of the planning processes I've seen, the couple loses sight of what all the fuss is about. Not Molly and Tommy. They know exactly why they are having a BIG party! They LOVE each other and the wedding is going to be about them... Its all about their relationship. I truly respect the way in which they focused their wedding around that four-letter word: LOVE

So the time has finally come. This Saturday two of our favorite people will tie the Knot at Saint Francis Assisi and get their party on at The Greek Orthodox shortly after. Without giving too much away, we just want to say a couple of things we are really looking forward to: 

1. Flowers. Mary at Rose Bredl is going to rock it with her floral design. 
2. Dancing all night. The Company Band is ready to party and so are we! ( The bride insisted we have at least one glass of champs!) 
3. Father Daughter Dance. Just in the few times I've spoken with the FOB, I have grown to adore him. Seeing these two amazing people share this moment will call for some serious tissue usage. Just saying. 

We are overwhelmed with excitement for this weekend. It is rare to get to know a Day of Coordination Bride and Groom like we got to know Molly + Tommy. I am so thankful for the relationships we build with this job. Especially for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Jeffcott! 

- Natasha